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GO-NATURAL® ALL-IN-ONE® BRUSH - Vegan Multi-Use Retractable Brush - with Lid

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 Vegan Multi-Use Retractable Brush with Lid for added convenience & sanitary purposes.

  • Custom designed by GO-NATURAL® for use with GO-NATURAL® ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic®
  • Use the retractor for multiple cosmetic application uses
  • ONE BRUSH does it all 
  • Ultra-Soft
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free


Multi-Use Brush

Easy As 1, 2, 3 Application

with retractor at the bottom, so brush is in FULL OPEN position - brush & swirl the GO-NATURAL® ALL-IN-ONE® powder all over. 

- Apply just 1-3 dabs of the “Go-Natural”® powder to the “Go-Natural”® applicator brush

* for lighter use less ~ for darker use more !

1. Brush & swirl over cheek bone area several times 

2. Brush & swirl over eye lid area several times

3. Brush & swirl all over the entire 1 side of your face….forehead, nose, entire cheek, jaw line. Pay special attention to imperfections such as under-eye circles, red areas, age and sun spots, acne. 


That's it ... it's that easy !

Other Tips & Tricks 

Intensify Eye Color and Blush

Slide the retractor apr. half way up on the Go-Natural® applicator brush and apply “Go-Natural®" powder directly to any areas you wish to intensify. 


Slide the retractor up near the top of the Go-Natural® applicator brush and apply “Go-Natural®” powder directly to any areas you wish to conceal.


Apply 2-4 dabs of “Go-Natural”® to the applicator brush. Slide the retractor up, apply lid and take it with you. Beauty on-the-go.

Proudly Made in USA

Order 2 + for Free Shipping - Worldwide

Fully Insured - USPS Global + Canada Post

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    Fabove Professional Beauty Supply

    Go Natural is fabulous!, March 17

    Reviewer: Denise (Orleans, Ontario)

    I love Go Natural! As well as being convenient and portable, it really gives a lovely natural colour and glow to my face. I have very fair, sensitive skin and I have no problems with product at all. In addition to using add a lovely blush, it also provides a natural depth to the eyes when applied as an eyeshadow in the crease. A little does go a long way and I hope you will always continue to provide us with this wonderful product. I will be purchasing this forever!

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    Orlando Fl

    ***** 5/5

    I bought this product at the Southern Women's Show here in Orlando. I really didn't think it was going to do what it promised, but it looked nice when I looked in the mirror after the rep applied it, so I caved in and bought it. I wore it to work that Monday. The compliments started as soon as I walked in the door. I can wear more and different colors now in clothing and in lipsticks. Plus I don't need other makeup, such as eye shadow and liner anymore. Please don't ever stop making it!

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    5/5 **** An amazing product. Bought my first one many years ago

    Verified Purchase

    An amazing product. Bought my first one many years ago. I decided to check website to see if they still made it and they did. Well worth the money. It lasts a long time

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    from Central Valley, CA

    June 13 ***** 5/5


    I was skeptical, I've tried many powders supposedly good for all skin types with no luck, but this one delivers. I love this product, it's easy, great to keep in purse and perfect for light traveling. It was a nice surprise to see it came with a retractable brush.
    Like other viewers noted, it gives a just-returned-from-vacation, healthy look to my face. I will order another for a back up!


    Yes, I recommend this product.