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  • A Fully Automated B2B Platform for Affiliate Marketers, Sales Reps + Customer Referral Program, Side-Gig Business for All - Worldwide !


More About Our Affiliate Program 

What You'll Promote ...  

~ Share Your Unique Affiliate Links, Coupon Code & Creatives/Images/Videos from your easy to use dashboard 

1). RETAIL: RETAIL - Sets & Bundle Offers

    • sell to:  END-USER Consumers - BTC 
  • Large Travel Gift Sets are a 2 year supply with average everyday use - includes brushes and travel bag
  • share & refer to friends, family, colleagues, direct to in-person & on-line end user customers.
  • SELL TO: Travelers, vegans, baby boomers, minimalists, busy professionals, office workers, nurses, 


2). WHOLESALEWHOLESALE - Cases & Bundle Offers

  • Sell To Existing Businesses & Individuals for a Side Business 
  • share & refer to BUSINESSES, that buy wholesale & sell retail in real retail locations, from home, &/or on-line (NOTE: On-Line sales MUST adhere to our MAP: $80)
  • SELL TO: 
  • Existing niche business owners, gift shops, boutiques, independent & specialty retail businesses, spas, salons, estheticians, pop-up shops, special events, 
  • &/or: Individuals starting a new business for a side-income, side-hustle, side -gig - Part-time or more.
  • Wholesale Cases Special Offers - include free kits & free shipping worldwide 




  • BECAUSE OUR CUSTOMERS are our biggest fans ~ why not get paid to share your best kept secret ! ... & help us "Spread The Word"
  •  Share with your friends, family, acquaintances - by email, social media or in-person sales.  
  • NEW: WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS: tell your favorite local boutique, gift shop, salon, spa, esthetician, about our wholesale offers - they order, you earn $100 ! ... PLUS a % of their re-orders !  Contact Us To Order This.


     * Special Features

    • Fully-Automated easy to use affiliate platform - keeps track of everything including auto-payments & an exceptional dashboard that works on your phone as easy as your desktop 
    • SHOP PAGE on your dashboard to easily place orders for your customers - especially good for reps for wholesale 
    • SELL WORLDWIDE - We have Shopify "MARKETS & Geo-Targeting" is in place for Auto Multi Currency - Worldwide - Canada added bonus of No Exchange or Duty




    • To begin, you will get 20% commission for your total sales ..., and if you successfully invite another to join our affiliate program, you will receive bonus up to 9% of total sale of your downline affiliate. (MLM) 5%, 2%, 2%
    • 20% OFF COUPON - for promoting - for all sales - includes Bundle & Free Shipping Offers as well as Wholesale - Worldwide !
    • 2 Levels + Bonuses Offers + A Generous & Profitable MLM Program - 5%, 2%, 2% 
    •     bring in other affiliates & earn from their sales - just use your network signup link 



      Getting Started is Super Easy !

      • Sign-Up - Get Your Partner Links, Coupon Code, Creatives - Get Started - No Cost or Obligation
      • OPTIONAL: Once you become an affiliate you can use your discounts to order RETAIL Bundle Offer - or WHOLESALE Wholesale Cases for your physical inventory to resell. 



      Full Training in 1 Minute !  Yes ... it's that easy !

      • PRODUCT TRAINING - ... This Video is an oldie but perfect for training
      • Just Watch & Listen to this 1 Minute Training Video -  everything you need to know to start promoting & selling GO-NATURAL®
      • Includes - the most popular features & benefits & 2 live demos  ... watch the magic ... in seconds !
      NOTE: Go-Natural® has been featured on 3 major shopping channels including QVC and is not available for purchase on any shopping channels - so is NOT competition.  


      We have Multiple Easy Business Opportunities - Easy For Anyone

      From $0 to $2500 

      All B2B Business Opportunities & Wholesale 



      MORE DETAILS - GO NATURAL® Affiliate Program  


      Manufacturer Direct Las Vegas - Specialty Retail & Professional Beauty Best Seller Since 1999


      Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program. 

      GoAffPro is a new program for us - we do have over 24 years experience working with affiliates, drop-shippers, resellers,  ...  we are building this program to sustain a strong marketing team/program so we can focus on manufacturing and continued business growth in all aspects.

      You can have confidence in knowing we have been in business over 24 years with this one main flagship product - GO-NATURAL® ALL-IN-ONE COSMETIC® - that all began in Canada in 1999 and soon after, established our US Corporate center in Las Vegas over 18 years ago.

      Our main original website will offer you a lot of information - established in 1999: iGoNatural.COM 

      THIS, our iGoNatural.SHOP is our new shopping cart and marketing machine, allowing us to grow with technology on the best platform in the world - Shopify and work with their world class partners, such as GoAffPro. 




      Our product - is a high demand, proven Best Selling flagship specialty & lifestyle product - developed in 1999 by a licensed cosmetologist in Canada, to bring simplicity to beauty - created over 23 years ago, delivering simplicity & instant natural results to women with a single Made in America, Professional Grade powder, functioning as 8 separate products in seconds and 1 shade self-adjusts to all - taking the guess work out & eliminating shade selection.  Mind blowing results - in seconds !

      We hit the ground running with our launch in 1999 & quickly made our way onto 3 major TV Shopping Channels including TSC Toronto Shopping Channel,  QVC USA, TVSN Australia (NOTE: is not sold on TV shopping Channels so is not competition), as well as numerous mail order catalogs, & sold by over 1100 Specialty Retailers & Beauty Professionals.

      *Every woman wants this ALL-IN-ONE® Simplicity & the instant natural results ... proven, since 1999.

      GO-NATURAL® ALL-IN-ONE Cosmetic® 1-Shade Multi-Use "Magic Powder" ™

      Our business in run with integrity and we look forward to working with you.


      Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions 



      Go-Natural Inc.

      Manufacturer Direct Las Vegas Since 1999

      Message or Call Us: 877-446-6288  - Ext 3 B2B



      BUY WHOLESALE - SELL AT RETAIL ... the more you order the more you profit !

      ROI - 3X to 4X Return On Your Investment !
      Manufacturer Direct Wholesale - Our Authorized Resellers Quantity Discounts
      • 1 WHOLESALE CASE of 12 Travel Gift Sets = 13th Set Free - Your Cost: $29 Ea. Set - Case Cost $384 * ROI: You Get $1147
      • 2 CASES = 4 Free Sets = 28 Sets Total = Cost $27 Ea. Set * ROI: You Get $1600
      • 3 CASES = 12 Free Sets = Cost $24 Ea. Set * * ROI: You Get $2500

      Free Shipping - All Wholesale - Worldwide !

      still not sure ...

      B2B Trial Offer

      Test - Evaluate - Take Pre-Orders

      • Order just 1 to 4 Travel Gift Sets
      • Use the Same Discount Code at the end of checkout for your special offer pricing
      • As Low As $48 Ea. Set

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