Pop-Up Shops Are Set to Surge (and Everything Else You Need to Know to Try Temporary Retail)

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With businesses in various stages of closure, it may seem like an odd time to set up a pop-up shop. But as the world recovers, consumers will be hungry for real-life experiences. And while they've gotten used to the convenience of shopping online, they miss feeling connected to brands (and to each other) in a physical environment.
Plus, the pandemic has resulted in a surplus of retail space and widespread commercial rent decreases, leading to a market ripe for retailers and brands interested in adding a physical presence to their business. The US, UK, and France saw a 125 percent increase in available retail space listed between June to August in 2020, according to research by Appear Here. And as landlords are desperate to fill their empty spaces, they've dropped their prices and eased up on lease terms, too.
We believe that low-budget, short-term, quick-install pop-ups are set to surge in the coming months. To help you plan, we'll cover everything from cost to marketing strategies, and share examples of brands leading the charge in trending pop-up experiences in a post-pandemic world.
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